Culture, Strategy and the Board

An eLearning module that can be completed in 4 hours.

  • 4 hours
  • 2,000 Papua New Guinean kina
  • Port Moresby

Service Description

Culture plays a significant role in shaping a board's performance and is a growing priority for boardrooms. This analysis of board strategy equips participants with the tools to develop an impactful strategic framework and an understanding of how to navigate cultural disruptions to respond effectively at business level. At the end of the course, participants gain a cohesive understanding of the effect board culture has on the overall health of an organisation and are able to implement values that truly drive success and sustainability. This course provides insight into the importance of setting a strategy that provides clarity, purpose and prioritisation and how to do so. It teaches the concepts and considerations that go into aligning culture with strategy in order to achieve long-term sustainability and performance. This includes the board's role in setting and monitoring culture, what determines a good set of core values, how to interact effectively with clients, as well as the company's people and how to maintain a strategic advantage in order to react as quickly as possible to external events. The final assessment of this course requires learners to prepare their own strategic framework on which the faculty provides feedback.

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