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The Independent Directors Association is dedicated to improving the expertise, professionalism and status of our members. Our commitment to promoting the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct encourages accountability and transparency of management to stakeholders and shareholders.

We offer a variety of support services which include: business information; training programs; professional advice; mentorship; coaching; work placements; and networking opportunities. The IDAPNG also offers a range of services for boards to help improve competencies and achieve best practice.​


The Independent Directors Association in Papua New Guinea aims to be a leader in director training, certification and accreditation that will equip boards with the requisite skills to elevate performance, gain foresight, strengthen investor trust and instil public confidence.

In collaboration with our international partners, we empower directors in Papua New Guinea to lead with confidence in the boardroom while bolstering responsible leadership and professionalism throughout their directorships.

With the support of our members, the IDAPNG hopes to be recognised as a national resource for corporate governance policy advocacy and the only trusted entity in the South Pacific to have established relations with key foreign entities involved in corporate governance.


1. To grow and sustain the organisation.

2. To advance corporate governance.

3. To broaden our influence through increased membership.

4. To develop directorship as a profession.

5. To build a credible and visible brand.


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