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Independent Interview Panelist

Our facilitators can serve as an independent person on your interview panel or nominations committee, to bring objective questions and recommendations to the interview and selection process.


An IDAPNG Facilitator can serve as an independent interviewer on your interview panel/nominations committee to assist with the interview process. The role of an IDAPNG Facilitator will be to:

  • Review CVs of the shortlisted candidates selected by the organisation/committee in preparation for the interviews;

  • Attend agreed allocated days and timeslots for the interviews;

  • Ask relevant questions during the interview to elicit relevant information needed to help the organisation make a selection (independent interviewer questions); and

  • Provide interview feedback and recommendations to the interview panel.

It must be noted that the purpose of the IDAPNG Facilitator is not to make a decision for or on behalf of the client, but to provide technical guidance and aid the decision making discussion/process. The ultimate decision and nomination rests with the Board. In addition, the IDAPNG is not able, nor will be part of any assignment, to verify any information provided by the NED candidates.


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