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Disclosure obligations greater than ever in public companies

Boards must be vigilant that the organisation is meeting its continuous disclosure obligations. They must be satisfied that the market is fully informed at all times regarding developments that are material to the company's share price.

Shareholders want to hear that appropriate risk-management initiatives are being implemented to ensure sustainability.


How boards are adjusting to the Covid-19 crisis and beyond

Boards will have to make tough decisions during this period of uncertainty and volatility - one that has no precedent. It is incumbent on for-profit boards to ask if their organisation can benefit from industry volatility in the months ahead; for example, increasing market share, acquiring a weakened competitor or a permanent workforce restructure.


Millennial muscle a global governance game changer

Millennials are arguably showing greater interest in corporate social responsibility than any generation in history. They believe business success should be measured in terms of more than just financial performance. Boards should consider how Millennial workforce trends could affect their organisation's succession planning, corporate culture and skills capabilities.