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For the post pandemic era, boards have to develop resilient leadership for recovery. Our Board Effectiveness Assessment will address the immediate challenges facing boards in their capacity to respond to crisis scenarios.

Board Effectiveness Assessment


Covid-19 has thrust the effectiveness of boards and directors to the forefront. As businesses embark on rebuilding, boards 

examine their readiness and agility to respond effectively to changes in the business landscape. What are the lessons learnt from this crisis, particularly regarding business resilience and the effectiveness of its crisis and risk management responses?

A good response is deeply rooted in a well-functioning board that has the ability to carefully balance between providing support to management and challenging them to ensure the best decisions are made.


The current situation has shed light on the importance of a diverse board. A group with a wide breadth of experience, industry and functional expertise of different ages, genders and backgrounds can bring much broader perspectives and insights when addressing challenges and concerns.


This crisis presents an opportunity for boards to seize the moment and step up their game to provide the crucial guidance for critical thinking and fundamental rebooting of strategies under the toughest circumstances. As such, a board assessment can shed light on the soundness and robustness on the functions of the boards and their oversight duties.


Our IDAPNG Board Effectiveness Assessment (BEA) is based on 8 key parameters with a special focus on assessment of the board’s competency and heightened responsibilities in overseeing crisis-related issues.



  1. Board Leadership

  2. Board Composition, Skills & Development                                                     

  3. Board & Management Relationship                                                                

  4. Board Dynamics & Culture

  5. Board Committee                                                                                            

  6. Board Governance Oversight & Processes                                                    

  7. Board Agenda, Meetings & Information                                                          

  8. Board & Stakeholder Engagement


CRISIS-RELATED ISSUES                                                                                     


  • Business Resilience​

  • Financial Stability                                                                                             

  • Technological Adoption                                                                                       

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Crisis Management

  • Business Continuity Plan

  • Succession Planning

  • Strategic Responses

  • Governance Structure Changes

  • Investor Expectation Issues

  • Health & Safety

  • Workforce Arrangement

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Business Remodelling

  • Organisational Process Change

  • Technological Process Change


  1. Review current board composition and explore ways to increase diversity.

  2. Identify gaps in processes and communication/responses to multiple scenarios in a timely and agile manner.

  3. Enhance leadership capability and forward planning to stay ahead of the evolving crisis and recovery.

  4. Establish clear succession and leadership contingency plans.

  5. Strengthen decision-making and engagement with the executive team.

  6. Challenge business continuity plans and guide the company to think beyond the immediate challenges.

  7. Support the reconstruction and restructuring phases, providing guidance in balancing short and long-term priorities.

  8. Assess if current risk management approaches are sufficiently robust.

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If you would like to begin the process or have any questions regarding the assessment, we are happy to set up a meeting to address your queries.

Meet The Facilitators

Our experienced facilitators have conducted board evaluations for listed companies of various sizes in Papua New Guinea and globally across a broad range of industries. International facilitators with industry-specific experience are available upon request.

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