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Leadership & Good Governance Awards

Community Leadership Awards

There are six categories under this award: Business of the Year;

Non-Profit of the Year;

Business Leader of the Year; Inclusion Leader of the Year; Lifetime Achievement Award; and Corporate Equality Partner.

Outstanding Leadership Award

The Outstanding Leadership Award is given to a manager, director, executive or unit lead who exemplifies significant leadership skills; and demonstrates a number of attributes that have lead to the improvement and/or success of

his or her organisation. 

Emerging Leader


The Emerging Leader Award recognises IDAPNG members who, through some early achievements and successes, are seen as emerging leaders within their organisations, the industry and their communities.

President's Excellence in Leadership Award

This award recognises directors and managers who lead with integrity and effectiveness, and whose deliberate focus and collaboration contributes to the successful implementation of IDAPNG's strategic goals.

Excellence in Corporate Governance Award

This award recognises individuals, organisations and collaborative initiatives whose actions have contributed significantly to making effective corporate governance a reality in the markets in which

they operate.

Rising Star


The Rising Star Award is given annually in recognition of a director or manager who has

made a significant impact in their designated field; and who has demonstrated a commitment to best practice and good governance.

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