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Our Flagship Events

Take advantage of our lucrative summits and conferences that focus on trending topics surrounding directorships. Our flagship events provide a great networking platform for professionals in PNG.

Join us in discussing thought-provoking issues relating to best practice and good governance.

Governance Summit


24 February 2023

IDAPNG is excited to host our first Governance Summit.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of good governance and the crucial role governance professionals play in delivering effective governance on anything from risk management to transparency and accountability.

Join senior leaders across various industries and sectors to network, benefit from expert insights, and gain an in-depth understanding of critical issues facing organisations and their boards during the pandemic, and how they overcame them.

There will be ample opportunity to share best practice and take away tools and tips which can be utilised as part of your governance strategy.

NFP Governance Summit

21 April 2023

The impact of the pandemic has forced the dynamics of the third sector to adapt to challenges. Consequently, guidance, regulations, culture and values are evolving and therefore, governance professionals’ responsibilities are now shifting. Join us to be part of forward thinking conversations and access the latest information from our experts. Our agenda is packed with inspiring discussions, debates, interviews, case studies, workshops and networking opportunities.


Leadership Conference

26 May 2023

IDAPNG's Leadership Conference provides a platform for senior leaders to network with like-minded professionals and exchange views and information. Participants are able to discuss tomorrow's challenges as well as share ideas on how to leverage current business opportunities. 

Join us as we explore how boards can become even more useful - and essential - in ensuring the success of the organisations or companies they serve.

Aspiring Directors' Summit

25 August 2023

IDAPNG's Aspiring Directors' Summit has been developed to support the understanding, practice and values of good governance. The event enables participants to work on both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills in order to become effective leaders one day. Attendees will learn helpful public speaking tips and get the opportunity to put their newly acquired skills to practice. Throughout the event, speakers discuss key issues for aspiring governance professionals and explore the value of engaging and sharing best practice with one another. A series of workshops have been organised to help attendees develop their skills enroute to directorships.

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C-Suite Conference

22 September 2023

IDAPNG's signature C-Suite Conference has been designed for world class Executives and successful Entrepreneurs. 

Attendees are provided with opportunities to generate ideas that advance management practice in an environment designed to foster extensive peer-to-peer interaction. Surround yourself with people who think and talk about business the way you do, who authentically want to support your endeavours and who are open to being supported themselves. Open exclusively to C-suite executives.

Chairperson's Conference

24 November 2023

IDAPNG's Chairperson's Conference brings senior leaders together. It is the ideal opportunity to gather, learn and network in an intimate setting, while benefitting from the perspectives of a diverse group of critical thinkers and industry leaders. Addressing topics across all sectors, the agenda provides unique opportunities to share business strategies and solutions while forming strong connections

with peers. Invited guests include industry experts, policy makers and thought leaders, giving you exclusive access to those impacting the future of your business.

Open exclusively to C-suite executives and directors.

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