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Coaching Services

IDAPNG Coaching Service is a 1-to-1 private session that seeks to support your directorship journey by developing your overall effectiveness, professional and personal development, self-confidence, leadership, relationships, and decision-making. Coaching can be a powerful and focused development tool for senior leaders, especially board directors. It takes leadership development to a deeper and more sustainable level. They expand perspective, inspire, and provide challenge and support toward your personal goal.

The skilled and targeted conversations offered by our diverse range of professional coaches, some of whom are board members themselves, can help address emerging challenges and enhance the individual’s performance and impact within their role. From aspiring directors to current directors, senior independent directors to chairman positions, our coaching programmes are flexible and highly tailored to meet the evolving needs of all levels of directorship. Any personal goals and doubts can be privately discussed and coached for positive outcomes.


IDAPNG Coaching is a paid service. IDAPNG members enjoy preferential rates.


Check out the available professional coaches below.

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