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Why Join the IDAPNG?

The IDAPNG provides its members with a range of services and information

that assist governance professionals to operate from an informed, up-to-date

and professional perspective.

You are in control of the value of your membership

Whether you are an aspiring director, a seasoned director, or an employee that supports the governance function in a workplace, the IDAPNG has something catering to your needs.

IDAPNG members have unique opportunities for networking with like-minded professionals and access to a highly beneficial value proposition from both an individual or corporate member perspective.

We encourage members to be actively involved with the IDAPNG as this engagement will most likely result in you gaining more benefit out of your membership.  We further encourage members to upload their CV onto their profiles in order to be included in specific vacancy searches the IDAPNG runs for clients from time to time.

The IDAPNG’s number one priority is to provide an indispensable service to our members and therefore we welcome member feedback, either through official surveys or informally.  The information gathered from member feedback is used to tailor our service offering and improve your member experience.  


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