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     Finding the Right Director

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Looking for a director to serve on your governing body?

The IDAPNG provides the following services and resources to aid organisations in their search for finding a director to serve on their board/governing body.     
Before you can start your search you first need to understand your board composition requirements. When assessing requirements, please consider that the governing body should comprise the appropriate balance of knowledge, skills, experience, diversity and independence for it to discharge its governance role and responsibilities objectivity and effectively.
Once you have your criteria for the vacancy, we can assist you in advertising your vacancy to our members through the following two services:

1. Advertise a
    NED vacancy

Advertise your board vacancy to the IDAPNG Member database, which will give you access to potential candidates. This is a free service available to all organisations in Papua New Guinea.

Positions Available
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2. Conduct a
    CV search

If you wish to narrow down your search and/or advertisement, we can conduct a CV search of our members who meet your key words and notify only those individuals of the vacancy. This is a paid for service.


Positions Available
Required Board Committee Experience
Entity Experience
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