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In order to be a member, individuals need to conform and adhere to a number of

rules and regulations, which are contained in the following documents:

Member Code of Professional Conduct

This Code applies to all members of the Independent Directors Association by virtue of their membership to the IDAPNG.  The Member Code comprises ethical principles and conduct principles. It also stipulates certain obligations the member needs to meet namely:

1)    Obligations towards the organisation(s) they serve
2)    Obligations towards the profession
3)    Obligations towards IDAPNG

In interpreting the Member Code of Professional Conduct, both the ethical and conduct principles must be applied to advance and promote the spirit and the letter of the Code. Breaches to the Member Code will be managed in accordance to the IDAPNG’s Disciplinary Regulations.

Disciplinary Regulations

The Member Disciplinary Regulations directs how a complaint against a member’s conduct must be administered, as well as all related process requirements for laying a complaint against a member, how the complaint must be adjudicated, potential sanctions where a member is found guilty of misconduct as well as the appeal process associated to the disciplinary findings.

Complaints against IDAPNG Members

In the event that a member is suspected of contravening the IDAPNG Member Code of Professional Conduct, a person can lay a complaint against such member in accordance with the IDAPNG Disciplinary Regulations. The complainant must provide the IDAPNG with sufficient information and evidence in order to reach a fair and accurate decision on the matter.

Download the Member Complaint Form and follow the guidance for submission of a complaint as stipulated in the Disciplinary Regulations.

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