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In order to assist IDAPNG members and those charged with governance to apply governance theory in practice, the IDAPNG has, in conjunction with various collaborators and sponsors, established forums mirroring that of a board and committee structure. The forums serve as hubs for corporate governance professionals to combine their knowledge and experience in order to raise awareness, stimulate dialogue and provide guidance on governance matters.

Each forum has a specific focus area.

Board Governance Forum (BGF)

The focus of the BGF is to debate and understand the hot topics and issues experienced in boardrooms with the aim to provide high-level governance guidance on such topics.

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Remuneration Committee Forum (RCF)

The RCF researches and disseminates information on developments relating to remuneration committee issues through regular meetings, workshops and, when appropriate, publications.

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Social & Ethics Committee Forum (SEC)

The activities of the SEC Forum have specific focus on the governance, accountability, role and duties of social and ethics committee members.

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Audit Committee Forum (ACF)

The ACF serves as a technical resource and sounding board for audit committee members and regulators in the space. It aims to share information relating to governance, risk management, auditing, accounting and financial reporting, current issues, future changes and international developments effecting audit committees.

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Let's Work

Each forum is open to corporate sponsorship.

We are inviting directors in PNG to support specific focus areas that they can contribute their time to.

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