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The Independent Directors Association periodically reviews board governance, structures and anticipated priorities.

Please share your insights, to assist the IDAPNG to inform discussions and share summarised feedback with our members, to assist them in leading, strengthening and sustaining their board. Thank you.


NOTE:     If you sit on multiple boards, please select what you consider to be your primary board role and 

                respond in your capacity as a member of that board.

Section 1:  Demographics

Section 2:  Priorities in 2023

Which of the following will be your Board's top improvement priorities in 2023 in relation to the functioning of your Board and how your Board members interact and work with each other?

2.1 Board Operation - select your top two priorities
2.2 Board Performance - select your top two priorities
2.4 Which of the following will be your Board’s top business priorities in 2023 which are critical to the success of your organisation? Select your top three choices.
2.3 Board-Management Dynamics - select your top two priorities

Section 3:  The next 3 - 5 years

3.1  Does your board currently have sufficient expertise or skills to govern the following drivers of risk, and opportunity over the next 3 – 5 years?

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)
Geopolitical issues
Regulatory and legal affairs
Human capital matters
Cyber risk
Corporate culture and ethical conduct
Global economics
Financial analysis and reporting
Industry developments
Digital innovation (e.g. leveraging data, analytics and artificial intelligence)

Over the next 3 to 5 years, what significant changes have to be made to improve Board governance (norms and practices in the Boardroom)? (Select your top 2 “changes” response choices for each section)

3.2 Board norms and practices (select your top 2 changes)
3.3 Board governance (select your top 2 changes)
3.4 What current Board practices will likely be less acceptable in 3 – 5 years? ( Select 3 )

Section 4:  The Board in 2030

What do you think will be the key areas of change for the Board of the future (i.e. in 2030)? Select an option.

4.1  Board service will be delivered by professional directors

4.2  Boards will have full access to all the same business information as management

4.3  Boards will be accountable to deliver on the interests of multiple stakeholders

4.4  Boards will spend as much of their time monitoring non-financial objectives as financial objectives

4.5  Boards will be much more diverse (e.g. for gender, age and ethnicity)

4.6  Board committees will expand to include technology and sustainability

4.7  Boards will be required to be more purpose and impact driven / conscious

4.8  Co-governance models, where employees have representation on boards, will become the norm

4.9  Executive remuneration will be better aligned to the long-term overall performance of the business (including ESG performance)

4.10  Board orientation and development will be a structured feature of Board Engagement

Thank you for participating!

We look forward to collating the feedback and sharing the key findings with the IDAPNG community.

Yours in Governance, the IDAPNG Board

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