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What have we learnt from the COVID-19 crisis?

AICD and the Governance Institute explore the impact of the pandemic on board practices and how the lessons learnt throughout the crisis can help boards future-proof their governance practices.

Almost every aspect of our lives has been disrupted by COVID-19, and the boardroom has been no exception. Boards have changed the way they operate, their focus, and how they govern. To capture these shifts, the AICD and Governance Institute of Australia have partnered to produce a new report that takes an in-depth look at the impact of the pandemic on board processes and how the learnings from the crisis can help boards improve their governance practices.


With input from directors and company secretaries across a range of sectors, the Governing Through a Crisis report identifies key learnings and recommendations to help organisations ensure they are better prepared for future crises.

The report looks at:

  • The foundations that must be in place for the board and company secretary to add value in a crisis;

  • Effective crisis  and continuity  planning – what it  looks  like  in practice;

  • The impact and future of virtual meetings; and

  • How  the pandemic has changed  the  way  boards  engage  with stakeholders.


To help organisations develop stronger resilience and navigate their way out of the pandemic, the report also offers:

  • Recommendations that address each of the key learnings;

  • Practical tips to help boards operate and govern in the new environment;

  • Insights from prominent directors; and

  • Case studies exploring the virtual and hybrid AGM experience.


The intention is for boards, management and other governance and risk professionals from across all sectors to use this report to reflect on the learnings from this devastating situation and ensure their governance practices are fit for the future.

Governing through a Crisis
Download PDF • 802KB

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